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Aaviri (2019) - Movie review and spoilers

Charly C.

Hello world!

Today i want to talk about one of the silliest horror movies I could possibly watch. One of Anna's friends found it on Netflix. The movie s called Aaviri and this seems to mean Steam in Telugu. You can read more about it on its Wikipedia page.

I hope you can remember i like watching movies in other languages than English, so this one looked promising.

From the title of this entry, you already know this movie dates back to 2019. The image below is the theatrical release poster.

Unfortunately, I can't speak too much about the movie without spoiling it. Therefore, there are spoilers right after the image.

Aaviri poster movie review spoilers

What's the movie about?

One of the first things to know about this movie is that it has very few characters:

  • Raj (played by Ravi Babu) -the father
  • Leena (played by Neha Chauhan) - his (young looking) wife
  • Munni (played by Baby Sri Muktha) - their 2nd daughter

A few other characters make an appearance as well, but they're minor.

Everything starts after the couple's first daughter drowns due to an asthma attack while swimming. This accident could have been avoided if Raj was more present and involved as a father.

Leena can't stand living in their family home and alone, she finds another house that is 100 years old, but modernized. 

As soon as they move into this new house, strange events start happening. Munni acts up refusing to do or eat what her parents ask or give her. She also tries running away from home, but she's unsuccessful every single time, despite seeming to have some help from an entity that nobody can see, but her.

One day, she manages to disappear and nobody can tell where she went. The police, a private investigator, and a psychic (of sorts) get involved and they realize that somehow Leena has something to do with Munni's disappearance. 

The psychic uses steam to force Leena to disclose what she's done to Munni, and after a weird twist of events, in which we also find that Raj killed a person, they find Munni safe and sound.

What did I think of the movie?

According to the Wikipedia page I linked to earlier, the movie was labeled as "dull, predictable and outdated."

Personally, predictable is not one of the adjectives I'd use to describe this movie. the other 2, very much yes.

However, my main problem with this movie wasn't even these attributes. It was the acting. The acting was SUPER bad and none of the actors were in character. Everyone seemed to be pretending. OK there are one or two exceptions, but one of the actors had such a small part, it doesn't even matter.

Ravi Babu was not only one of the main characters in Aaviri, but he also wrote, directed, and produced it. And unfortunately, he did a terrible job. His work on this movie was just as bad as that of Raj (his character) being a dad.

To add insult to the injury, most of the scenes look as if they were filmed against a green screen. The scenes also looked chopped and then sewed together. There's not much action and even the dialogue lacks.

This is the trailer of the movie, and I haven't watched the trailer yet. I don't think I will though, so I'm not sure if it makes the movie more appealing or if it completely gives the movie away.

In any case, I'm pretty sure you can get a feeling of the acting and the "green screen" parts of the movie. Perhaps, there was no green screen, but perhaps the background was painted instead? I really can't tell. only some of the elements are real.

The few scenes taking place outside also look more realistic, as well as a few others. Now, if I mention which I'll give the whole movie away if the trailer didn't do it already.

This movie shouldn't even be labeled as "horror" but "psychological comedy" if this is even possible. There's no thrill, no nothing.

Rating and recommendation


I rate this movie 1 ghost out of 5 ghosts. And this is being generous. You know those books that you read over the summer on the beach because they're easy to understand, funny, and simply relaxing? Aaviri is the equivalent of that.

Should you watch it?

If you want to watch a horror movie without being scared, then go ahead. You might find yourself laughing instead of getting scared. if you want the horror movie to scare you or to make you sick, then you can forget about it.

Personally, I want to rewatch it at some point in the future. Maybe even more than once. ;p

Well, this is it from me, for now. See you next time!

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