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Elderflower tea

Charly C.

Hello there!

What do you prefer to drink, out of these 2 choices: tea or coffee? 

Well, personally, i like coffee more than tea, but i won't refuse a cup of nice warm and flavorful tea. Spoiler alert: this kind of tea is not what i'll present you with this time around. 

In this entry, i'll talk about tea made from elderflowers. yes, you read that right!

Elderflower goes by the scientific name of <Sambuci flos>, and in Romania tea is made out of it. This tea is part of the natural remedies people would use when something bothers them. 

According to this page, this tea is used to treat the first symptoms of the common cold. I also think most warm drinks or foods would help with this, for some reason.  Personally, this is the first time I try this type of tea, made of elderflowers I mean. 

Note: I first drank it back in 2018, as seen on the pictures. I haven't tried again since :(

Below you can see the packaging, and what the tea looks like while brewing. The color after removing the tea bag is almost the same as on the box, which is pretty cool.

As you can see below, this pack contains only flowers of the Sambuci flos plant. This is pretty important because the taste would be different if other plants were also included. Also, if you're an allergy sufferer, you'll know if you can drink this concoction or not. 

I don't really like sugar or honey in my tea, so clearly I didn't add any in this one. Let me tell you that I think i should have added some sugar - i just ran out of honey. 

I find it to taste a bit bitter and like plants that have nothing to do in a cup of hot water. To be expected considering the ingredients. 


I rate it 2 elderflowers out of 5. This is mostly because I have no idea if it works for what's meant to be used.

I don't know if to recommend this tea to anyone or not. I see it as an acquired taste  since it's supposed to be used instead of medicine. 

Like i previously said, if you suffer from allergies, it's best to consult with your doctor before trying this plant infusion. 

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