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Exquisa Creation gegrilltes GEMUSE

Charly C.

Hello, all!!

Back in July 2015, we found this cream-cheese spread in the supermarket. Besides the well-known Philadelphia cream cheese, we didn't have many options in this department, so this was sort of a novelty. These days, we have many more to choose from, and i can't even recall if this specific product can still be found or not. This means, i sadly can't retake photos, so i have to use the old ones with the old marking on them. unless i edit them and make them look stolen.   😑

Remember my first food review? Well, it wasn't food, it was a delicious black tea.. and this thing right here is basically a snack. I have no idea what the lid says, but it shows some rather yummy ingredients. Between you and me, ALL foods are being photoshopped in the pictures to look yummier, so this is normal.


I'm not entirely sure, but the picture shows some aubergines (or eggplants) and the cream itself had large pieces of onion, some red pieces of something - perhaps red bell pepper?, and I forgot what else. I'm writing this some 5 days after I had it, as I had many things going on in my life.


The short answer is 175 grams. I was able to spread it decently on 9 slices of bread made especially for toast and I was still left with some - perhaps enough for 3 more slices? In any case, I can only fit 9 such slices in my oven when I want to toast bread.


Onion.. and something else. I couldn't tell what else though. It also needed more salt. This cream cheese spread was much better, if i recall things correctly. 


NO. I hated it. Not because of the onion, but because it tasted so weird, I couldn't make out any flavor. I thought it was supposed to taste like cheese, but no, it didn't. Maybe I'm not used to my food tasting like this. I tried it with a slice of tomato on top, and that made it tastier. Somehow the unheated slice tasted somewhat better.

My friend who also tried it said it wasn't that bad. So, I assume it all comes down to each person's taste buds.


The cream itself look VERY unappetizing. My picture-taking skills are bad, so the image below will look even more nasty. I apologize for this. The lid shows a rather creamy texture, almost like buttercream, but the reality was way different: quite dense, almost like butter that you remove from the fridge and you wait 10 minutes to soften so you can spread it over bread.

It looks bad.. pretty bad.


Goodness, no. Sorry. I can't remember its price, but not even a 50% off promotion will convince me to buy it again. The store had another flavor of this thing, but I believe it had garlic and while I may eat some onion now and then [and being scared of the consequences as well] I really won't touch garlic. Just sniffing it makes me sick. So there will be no review for the 2nd flavor, not from me.

Just like the other spread, you could easily feel full by eating a few slices of bread with this thing on. I would recommend some pizza instead.

I don't know how helpful this review was, but I hope it shed some light and your next grocery trip will be easier.

See you next time!

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