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Flower of Evil -Korean drama review, spoilers

Charly C.

Ah! hi there!

Flower of Evil is one of the best Korean dramas of 2020. I believe I watched it as it was made available with English subs on one of those sites that do this kind of thing.

In the Flower of Evil, we re-meet Moon Chae-Won and Lee Joon-Gi who played together in Criminal Minds. This link will take you to the page where I spoke about this drama.

Flower of Evil has plenty of suspense, secrets that will be revealed, and most annoyingly, a disappointing ending. Out of the 16 episodes, whenever I think of this drama, I choose to ignore the last one.

But this is enough spoilers without the special spoilers-warning.

Lee Joon-Gi won 2 awards for his performance in this drama, the Asia Celebrity and the Best Artist Awards in the Asia Artist Awards ceremony for 2020.

Side-note: 2020 feels so far in the past now, with everything that happened. it's weird in a way.

Below you can see the official poster for the show. Why does it look as if they're dancing while trying to accomplish something else? The real spoilers start below the poster, like usual.


Flower of Evil Korean drama crime spoilers review

Lee Joon-Gi plays Baek Hee-sung a metal-smith, husband to Cha Ji-won played by Moon Chae-won. They have a very young daughter. He is the son of a well-respected doctor and a pharmacist. Cha Ji-won, a detective, only has a mother whose occupation i can't recall.

The show starts on an intense note, with Hee-sung tied down and submerged in a pool, about to drown. The next scene is in Hee-sung's workshop, and we don't have any clue if this is before or after the opening scene.

From the first episode, we also learn that Hee-sung is not really Hee-sung, but a wanted murderer and his wife has no idea about it. As he confesses to his parents, "she only believes what she sees, and he shows her what she wants to see." Even she confesses to her co-workers that she would prefer to trust her husband than to learn something about him that would be grounds for a divorce.

Of course, this can get ugly in the long run. But considering Ji-won and Hee-sung are shown to be deeply in love and they both are shown to love their daughter to bits, it's understandable Ji-won's preference for ignorance, as this is bliss.

Ji-won doesn't get along with her parents-in-law, as they strongly dislike her - a pretty common situation in many dramas. As the show evolves, she has to solve several cases with her co-workers. One of the cases put her on the trail of a wanted criminal who may or may not be her husband.

Flower of Evil Korean show review spoilers stills

But what's the story behind Hee-sung? Well, if I reveal this, you might not want to watch the show, and I actually want you to watch it. ;) What i can tell is that he's the son of a real serial killer who wanted to "train" his son to be just like him. However, through some twisted events, he fails. 

His wife Ji-won is very good at her job, and her team is equally good but she's not the leader of her team. She's close to losing her job because she discovers the real identity of her husband, but she can't turn him in due to her feelings for him. 

As the events unfold, Hee-sung learns the truth about his family, or families, better said. And it's not only him who learns the truth, but also one of the guys he knows since childhood, and the police. The evil people do get to pay for their evilness, and everything ends. 


I give this action and romance-filled drama series, 7 shotguns out of 5. ;p Yea, i think it was THAT good. I even binge-rewatched it. 

I already mentioned i want you to watch it, or to give it a try. The chemistry between the main characters is going through the roof. 

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