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Green Apple and Melissa tea

Charly C.

If you remember some of my previous posts, you know that I like testing new stuff. This time I taste test another tea! It's with green apples and Melissa, and I was really excited to check it out!

You can head over to this post to read more on tea in Romania, so I won't have to repeat things.

You probably also remember I taste-tested another tea flavor, with sour cherries and vanilla. That one was really full of flavor. How is this new tea then?

Scroll down!

The packaging is standard for the teas we can find here. The aroma is yet again a rather fancy one, compared to the teas Romanians traditionally drink.

Reading the list of ingredients, i get quite disappointed that the green apples come only in the 4th position, and just at 5%. The Mellisa plant is the last one.

Upon opening the box, the fragrance is quite strong. I can feel both the green apple and the Melissa. However, the apple scent is a bit fake? reminds me of the dishwashers that have this scent. The thing is, I haven't smelled green apples in a long time - it must have something to do with how much farmers spray fruits to grow faster. But that's not what we're talking about now.

So i boiled some water and brewed a cup. In this case a glass, so i can take a decent picture of the tea and its color.

As expected, the tea turned out a shade of red. It's not as red as the sour cherry tea, or most other fruity teas. I like this shade, and since there's hibiscus in it, of course it would become red.

The fragrance of this tea is also quite strong, mostly of apples. This aspect can make the tea a good choice both in summer and in winter. 

The taste though - i find it a bit unusual. It's not bad, just unusual. So far i drank it hot, but maybe it's less weird if i let it chill first?

However, I don't think i'll drink cold tea - i rarely like it. I find cold tea to be too watery and missing its fragrance.

Bottom line is that I would not recommend this tea, unless you want to drink something different that you may have not tried before.

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