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NOPE (2022) - review, spoilers

Charly C.

Hello, everyone!

I just watched the new movie NOPE.

i'm speechless. This movie is .... oh, gosh! 


Short backstory of WHY we decided to watch it


Steven Yeun plays in it. He was made famous by the now infamous The Walking Dead show and the grotesque way JD Morgan's character (Negan) killed Steven's character, named Glenn. 


I used the pronouns "we" and "I" because I'm referring to my partner and I. However, we watched the movie separately, for no particular reason. 


As usual, I'll share the poster and then some spoilers [hopefully not too many] will follow, as well as its official trailer after that. And the last part of the post will be the rating and whether I think you should watch it as well, or not. 

Let's get into it! spoilers ahead!
NOPE movie poster Nope movie review spoilers

By now, I believe that everyone knows that this film revolves around a black family that raised and trained horses for the movie industry since the creation of the first video. This "video" is still called "motion pictures" because this is exactly what it is: a series of pictures taken very quickly. When displayed one after the other, at a high enough speed, we see that the image moves. The image is of a black man riding a horse. 


The current head of the family and business owner dies, and his 2 children are left to take care of things. The children are adults, and their names are Otis Jr. "OJ" and Emerald "Em" Haywood, played by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer respectively. 


Steven Yeun's character is a former child star, and as an adult, runs an entertainment business. He needs a horse for one of his shows, and he has to get the horse from the most reputable place, right? 


Things go well, of course, until they don't anymore because this is how it usually goes. And things stop going well for everyone when the brothers realize that their horses and themselves are not the only ones living on their ranch, in a valley. 


The brothers install surveillance cameras to try and figure out who else is out there. When they finally figure it out, they come up with a plan to capture actual proof of it, no matter the cost. 


You'll have to watch to see who is what and where, and whether OJ and Em manage to get their hands on the proof. Check out the international trailer of NOPE, that i think kind of spoils the movie more than i did. :( 

Thoughts, ratings, and recommendations

The actual subject of the movie is shown and talked about from a very different perspective than previously done (Alien, Predator, Star Trek). <The 4th Kind> is probably closer to the perspective depicted in NOPE. 


I haven't watched The 4th Kind (i tried, but got SO bored). However, NOPE is the BOMB! The intruder on the ranch is not directly named, at least not often. I really liked this. 


I liked Daniel's performance the most. His character looked as if he couldn't give 2 dead shits about the whole situation, he wanted to be anywhere else but wherever he was. i give him 5 horses out of 5 (best) for the performance. Whoohoo!


My favorite scene was when OJ was trying to drive home at night, and suddenly he got a tree trunk through his windshield, barely missing him. He still drives for a bit, but decides to stop. He wasn't impressed much by the event. VERY cool! 4.5 horses out of 5 for this scene. 


Steven Yeun also receives the main scene, literally, during a movie scene. He holds a monologue, and he makes the best of it. He gets 5 mics (5 being the best) for that scene, but just 4 mics for the overall part he played. His character didn't fit him at all, mostly due to his age. They needed an older guy, and preferably chubbier for the part. 


The whole production team should receive a very good rating for barely using any white actors in the film. The white actors received smaller parts, and this is worthy of praise. 


I rate the film 5 motion pictures out of 5 (=the best). I don't think i rated anything else with a maximum rating. 

Clearly, i want to urge you to go watch the movie! ;) 

This is all from me, see you next time! 


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