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The Shadowscapes Tarot – Nine of Swords

Charly C.

Hello again!

Another tarot card interpretation is here! I hope soon i'll have another movie or book review as well. I have quite a few of those in the works, so.

Ok, so if you want to see this card in all its glory, you can go to the official page. Otherwise, you'll have to rely on what i say and show you.

What do we see?

One of the first things we see is the dominant color, a dark hue of blue with white in the middle. The blue part looks like swirling clouds. Crows fly into that swirl.

Lowering my gaze, i see a male angel figure - he has a white wing (his left one) and a wing that appears to be gray (the right one). The darker color could be because of the shadows of the clouds, I'm not sure.

A crow appears to land on his white wing. Some people could interpret the position as taking off. In total, we can count 14 crows.

There are no obvious swords in sight, except the one he's holding. Upon a closer look, the others are tattooed on his chest.

He is partially covered with a blue cloth with purple trim. the sword he's holding onto (with both hands) has its sheath on and a red ribbon swirling around it. Part of the red ribbon also wraps around his right hand.

The angel's hair is short and blond. It is long enough to see it flow in the wind a little bit. He looks away from us, and towards the sky.

The bottom of the image is mostly purple.

Shadowscapes tarot 9 of Swords card interpretation

What does it all mean?

The Swords in the tarot are related to intellect, reason, ratio, justice, morality, and nobility. The nine's in the tarot are related to the Hermit.

The usual interpretation of the card doesn't seem to apply to this image.

What i personally see is a person who has been through a rough time - the dark clouds and crows above, but somehow behind him. Crows are omnivores, carrion birds, but also opportunistic. They're also highly intelligent.

Perhaps the 13 flying crows indicate some sort of enemies, people who took or might take advantage of this character. Or perhaps the crows gave him the sword. (Crows are known to start bringing gifts to the people feeding them.)

His body looks well built. This indicates he's strong or at least stronger than before.

Despite a rough past, he still looks up and keeps his head up high. There's hope surrounding him - purple, yellow, and there's also a light at the end of the tunnel. Literally in this case. His wings are spread out, almost ready to take off.

He holds his word with both of his hands even though his demeanor appears somehow shy. At the same time, now he's not afraid to fight anymore.

All this may indicate that if you work hard enough, you'll get what you want. You might even be closer to the object of your desire than you might think.

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