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The Shadowscapes Tarot – Two of Swords

Charly C.

Hello people!

Today we have another tarot card interpretation. Today we have the Two of Swords from the same Shadowscapes deck i own. This entry doesn't have snippets of the card, because they're broken on the official site. Instead, i used another image i found on there. If you want to see the card for yourself, please use the link above. 

What do we see?

This card is rich as far as the imagery goes, including the colors used.

I can't really say there is something that jumps at me first when I look at the card. I'll mention first the colors i see: purple, brown, yellow, dark gray, and some off-white.

There's a human figure in the middle/lower half of the card. It wears a long hooded cloak and it holds 2 swords that are crossed. His arms are also crossed.

The figure seems to be facing some branches, but they're actually to his right, while another single branch is to his left. On a closer look, we can see that he fully blocks the path between the branches. The path appears to be going to a magical place.

Behind him, we can see a swan that holds an orange flower in its beak. This swan also wears what appears to be a necklace with 3 bells.

On one of the branches that are at his right, we can see another swan perching and she's looking at the human below. In front of the perched swan, we see a heart hanging from a red string. This link takes you to the page where I talk more about the meaning of the red string.

On the branches, around the human figure, we can see little faeries, most of them looking at the human as well. out of the 6 faeries i was able to count, maybe 2 or 3 are looking elsewhere.

There are also a few other elements: green leaves, a hummingbird (i think), a crescent moon resting with its 'belly' up. Furthermore, we can also see 2 purple branches. these are high and blend with the sky.

Shadowscapes Tarot art
image belongs to Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, found on the page of the 2 of swords card, link above.

Interestingly enough, none of the branches have leaves or flowers of any kind on them.

Other elements that can be noticed but perhaps not everyone would pay attention to, are:

  • a full but not perfect circle around the crescent, made by all the branches
  • the various twigs that curl a bit into Fibonacci spirals.
  • the light that surrounds the little faeries
  • quite a few dual elements:
    • 2 swans
    • 2 swords
    • sky and earth
    • light and dark

What does it all mean?

One of the easiest elements to decipher is the duality. This points to a choice the querrent needs to make. This card doesn't say which choice is better, per see but points at it. It also says that the decision must be made. This choice makes me think of the Lovers card where the characters lose something by choosing their path.

The position of the character suggests that the querrent reached a point where something or someone blocks them from making a choice. it's highly possible that the person for whom the reading is has to make a choice that will completely change their lifestyle.

This interpretation could make one think of Death. I have yet to interpret this card. 

I think that the key to a better choice is the heart. Where is the heart of the querrent? Remember that the red string is associated with "what's fated, what's meant to happen to us." Following one's heart will put in motion a string of events that will feel like magic.

Even though you should follow your heart when making this particular choice, you shouldn't forget your intellect. One can follow their dreams in more than one way, especially at this point in time.

image belongs to Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

The bells on the swan's neck as well as the swords are meant to remind one to use their brain when choosing, even if they follow their heart. The person must know and pros and cons of each choice. Even when choosing the magical path, one can have some hurdles and not everything will be 100% perfect. This is pointed at by the imperfect circle, the bells, the barely-there Fibonacci spirals.

For example, one wants to be a teacher. They can go to school and get all the credentials needed to teach others in a traditional setting (school). This path can be long and difficult, but not very rewarding. They can still get the needed credentials and become a private tutor. This path is still quite difficult but can be more rewarding in the belong run. The same person can skip the credentials and start an online class, either through a blog or videos, that they could be paid for. Combining the 2nd and 3rd options is also possible. in any case, in this example, the person has at least 4 possible ways in which they can teach others. No matter the option, the person's future life could be equally stressful, but the rewards will be different.  

Personally, i can't see in this card, the "classic interpretation" of <denial of truth>.

The card can point to a clashing of ideas and blocked emotions. But this interpretation should be considered based on the other cards as well as the question asked.

  1. Clash of ideas: The querrent needs to find another way to convince others that their vision is better (in the long run).
  2. Blocked emotions: the querrent might need some time or courage to face those emotions. Facing emotions is easier done at night.

This is all I have for this card. See you next time!

©Charly Cross 2013 - present. All rights reserved.

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