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Obscure Reviews I review various things. enjoy?

Welcome to the new site!

Charly C.

Hello everyone! 

This is Charly from the Obscure Journey blog. This is my site, dedicated to reviews of all kinds. 

I used to host this site on the WordPress blogging platform. However, after a lot of considerations, i decided to move it over to Over-Blog. It's easier to have both the blog and the site on the same platform. 

Initially, i hosted both of my creations on WordPress. I used to have a blog dedicated to cooking, and another one dedicated to my life. It included my impressions of the various things i was experiencing - watched movies, going out for drinks, tasting various foods and drinks for the first time. 

My cooking blog was the first one i created back in 2013. the other blog also started that year. 

I also started posting interpretations for tarot cards. 

Then, back in 2017? I decided to move my sites away from my initial blogging platform, and to find an easier way of monetizing them. And then, I realized that I can have a blog and a site dedicated to reviews of all sorts. And i thought my original platform is better for my site. 

Since now it's 2022, and we're at this new address, you can obviously tell, I changed my mind once again. I hope this time it will be final because it's such a hassle to move sites back and forth. You can read more about the process in this blog entry [shameless self-promotion].

I could write an update to that post, at this point in time, as I learned a bit more. Hmm, I won't make any promises though. 

So, given the context, I'll have to maintain most of the pictures as they are and the old signature, you'll see at the end of each post the next post on. The next post will appear on jan 3rd, so stick around! 

As of now, there are 26 posts waiting to appear, or be published. Another 23 articles are waiting for me to re-write them. And there are more posts to be beamed out from the other platform, but i don't know how many they are. 

See you soon!


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