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Shadowscapes Tarot - Queen of Wands

Charly C.

Hello, there! 

It's time to have a look at another tarot deck. This time is the Queen of Wands. And I'm supposed to describe the card's image to y'all. 

Ok, so what do we see?

One of the first things we notice is the main color of the card: orange. As such, the card gives the impression of calmness, warmth, and magic. 

This is another musical card -just like the Page is.
This time, the female is a mythical being as she has both horns and faerie-like wings, and plays a harp built into a living tree. She wears a red gown and has long blond hair.

We can also see faces and figures in the bark of the tree: 2 small fae figures are taking in her tune. 4 birds fly out, seemingly towards us. A 5th bird perches on the harp while looking away from the Queen.

A fox is waiting at the female's feet, while other 2 foxes sit in a bubble? or perhaps in a fox nest, under the tree. They're not alone: a fae is there as well. These 2 foxes and the fae look up towards the lady, giving more the impression of a fox crib - or a burrow?

Light radiates from the lady and the tree bears some green balls - or are they fruits? 3 gigantic seashells [the Fibonacci spiral] make up the ground.

What does it mean?

The female feels empowered when she plays her harp. She's a strong woman and she can inspire others too, to go out there and do what they're supposed to - this is why the birds fly away.

She is free like a bird [the dark one sitting on the harp] and she knows how to resonate with others, to make them do the right thing [or what she wants them to do]. In a way this is manipulation, but she doesn't necessarily do it out of malice, but because she is wiser.

Her intuition never fails her, and this allows her to stand tall and state her ground.

The card could also represent a very artistic person - music, painting, sculpting: something that speaks to the heart and soul of others. Whatever she creates has the power to move others.

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